Tuesday, September 23, 2008

once again

Cuanto tiempo!

I have not forgotten I have this little space; I have just been more than busy, and perhaps being a little lazy at times. But, within this days, months, I've been able to appreciate new things, learn about others as well as find those passions that fill my soul and make my days better days where i can smile and think that things would be better.

What can i say; I have this amazing partner that really does everything he can to make my day a happy one. Is not that am duper crazy in love, even tho I am, is just that is this has been perfect. his words, our moments together....his details with me and more important all he is teaching me about life and about how to smile and make jokes about the most scary and sad things that might happen in the road.

and well, I am in love...Finally, besides CSI, I found something else that complete my space and make me dream about how I would like to have friendship in my life. SEX and the CITY. wow! I dont get tired of watching it lol....is fun for me; it is my little company when i just want to chill.
and of course, I got spoiled by my LOVER...he got me the whole series and the movie, what else can i ask for?

What else? As always, busy with school...having new friends....enjoying life as much as I can and praying for the day that College days get to its final point.

Monday, April 07, 2008

is a promise

I guess i left behind something that for years helped me to close my eyes, breath and realice that life was so good because i am part of it. I stopped closing my eyes to let my soul realize that sometimes I need to feel bad in order to clean that space that could be filled in with smiles and happiness….I stopped writing for so long, for more than a year; don’t know why or how, but for some reason I blamed my schedule and I didn’t get those five minutes that forever made me a better person.

While I haven’t written at all for months, my life has being great overall. Some downs moments, but I guess we always need those in order to become stronger personas. Happy because I have achieved things that I wanted to achieved, a Model UN club, better grades, keep my self busy in a nice and recognize college, a boyfriend who makes my days better days with his smile. However, even though I should be adapted to this country by now, I am not completely adapted. I mean, I like places around here, although Rochester is kind of boring at times, but I try to enjoy it as much as I can, I like food (Chris’s Stake lol)….i like being with my family…but I miss so much being with my friends…being awaking up by my friends to go shopping or just to hang out in my galeria. I miss going to beach, walking around or just sitting at someone’s house eating and talking about how hot it is or about the stupid electricity that never works…don’t know, for some reason I have not find the same type of people. Sometimes I ask my self if maybe is me that is putting a wall every time I meet new people. Maybe is me that has something wrong or just don’t want to accept new fellows as friends. Whatever is, I hope it ends soon lol. But I can deny, my friends even with the distance still love me, and they are still there every time I want to say something funny to them, or just cry behind my laptop and tell them how much I miss them and how crazy my world is going…because it gets crazzzy sometimes.

Then, on those crazy momentitos I close my eyes and smile…I smile because of you, yes you.!!! But I would let that for another post .....yes i would keep my writings updated from now on.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Hace tiempo que no me siento. hace tiempo que no tomo tiempo ni para escribir lo que siento, porque lo que siento me da tanto miedo. Me siento vacia, dando tanto, creyendo sin creer, viendo como sin querer lo que tanto quiero se me puede salir de las manos como si fuera arena entre mis dedos. Pensando que todo es estable que todo esta bien, pero la realidad es que cuando tan solo en un momento, eso tan dulce se rompe, ya lo estable, lo bonito deja de existir. y no vuelve a existir, solo queda en el pasado, solo son dias que solo quedan en mi mente, en mi ser. se me empapan los ojos, se me enfria el alma hasta con el mas tibio cafe, se me rompen los suenos y la sonrisa se esfuma con cada pieza rota.

soy la unica que siente que el amor esta, y que es para mi. pero es solo el reflejo de lo que quiero ver.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Aveces es importante re-encontrarse con uno mismo y darse cuenta de que lo que creemos haber olvidado, de una forma u otra siempre estaran presente y por mas que quiza no le pensemos, siempre su cuerpo, su viva existencia tras algo caliente, tras algo frio, pero tras algo nos hara recordar que aun esta vivo.

Mi blog, mi espacio de recuerdos y donde entre risas y risas, escribo y comparto mis vivencias, mis ideas aunque aveces agudas y poco extrañas es el espacio donde puedo sentir que en realidad tengo algo que me pertenece, algo de mi personalidad y que tiene forma y mi aroma. Por ninguna razon valida lo he abandonado, pero aqui estoy de vuelta.

Bien es valido decir, que muchas oportunidades y logros favorables han ocurrido en los ultimos dias, pero en realidad todos esos logritos, no me dejan pensar de que hay muchas cosas que necesito hoy dia, y que por mi bolsa llena de excusas tapo, y vuelvo y tapo.

Entre familia, amigos, mi pais y sus aguas tibias mientras el sol tosta la piel, son de esas cositas que necesito y que aunque parezca que no me hacen falta. Es como tener una funda llena de dulces en noche de brujas, y no tener niños que vengan a recojerlos a mi puerta. Pero para todo hay una solucion, ocultar la soledad y ese sentiemiento vano tras todos los recuerdos maravillosos que arropan mi ser y mi corazon.Pues se empieza desde adentro, dulcitos para la familia, dulcitos para mi amor, y seguir tratando de hacer cada dia con mis sonrisa un dia mejor. tratar de reir pensando en cuan maravilloso es vivir teniendo, aunque en otra parte de el continente, personas que llenan mis dias con su bella presencia en el universo.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Self Analysis

Self Analysis
Elizabeth Del valle

During my ages in technical school, I tried to learn about national leaders in the Dominican Republic, and global leaders that somehow influenced the history of the Americas. Throughout those years, the professor Samantha, the social science’s professor at the Maria de la Altagracia Polytechnic, always used to ask in class if leaders were born or leaders became leaders through experiences in life. Always having those questions in mind and learning how the history of my nation was shaped by a person who was named “el padre de la patria nueva”, in English “the father of the new motherland”, and evaluating that at the end of his dictatorship the results he got as a leader were not what the nation deserved and desired, and making comparisons among local and international leaders, I made a definition of leadership. Leaders are individuals that through team building and by listen to the perspectives of others they help a community to achieve their goals. Then I answered the questions: am I a leader and are leaders born? If you would like to hear my definition of leadership, I could give an entire page talking about those characteristics we all know a leader should have. But if you would like to know how I would define my leadership style, with simplest words, I could say I am a people’s person, then I am a leader who dreams next to my followers. I am not emotional, because sometimes emotion could become our weaknesses, but I hold the ideal that one of the major characteristics a leader should have and maintain is empathy. I am a leader who believes in people and their ideas, and while making any decision I walk in the same sand they walked, just to follow their tracks and try to think like them. If you want, you do not need to call me a leader, just define me as a voice. A voice that is sometimes listened to; a voice that, for sometimes, has been respected and somehow has helped other voices to be heard.
Then, to answer the second, and perhaps the most important question, took me more time; many years of thinking and a summer program in Prague to get a real and clear answer for that question. Are leaders born? Some philosophers would say no. Some leaders would say that it takes time and experience through a life of learning how to be a leader. But others will say that individuals become leaders in different situations. Without agreeing with them, I can firmly say, leaders are born and we shape our styles through experiences and learning from other leaders and from our followers. People are born to be leaders internally. It is up to them to find those meaningful experiences that help them to come to that realization. Leaders are born, and through experiences we shape what we already know. With these experiences we shape our ideas and perspectives of life. Unfortunately, sometimes some natural leaders are neglected by the system of their societies. I do believe that we all have some leadership qualities inside. Someone born with a tone of voice will be inclined to get everybody to listen; others would be born with unique writing skills; others would be more critical thinkers and that ability will help others to understand their ideas better. We all have something inside that sometimes most people do not get to discover. This is when leaders become leaders. When we discern that we have the capacity to understand those characteristics we have inside of our selves, that uniqueness that makes us leaders, and when we get conscious of them we then exploit them in favor of others.
When I talk about how leaders should be a voice for those who trust and believe on its faculty of do things right, and to help them to reach their dreams and rights, I confidently believe that the trust natural leaders get from their followers would never be reached through cruelty. The history of my nation, suffered the pain of a dictatorship for about thirty years. Today, forty-six years later, I still try to understand how the cruelty of the leader we had made the members of the Dominican community all over the world reaches their ambitions and dreams as citizens of a country. When I think about it, the answer remains the same; the country did not achieve their hopes and goals. My perspective of leadership is firm-a leader does not get respect through cruelty; the philosopher Nicolo Machiavelli dedicated a chapter to this important point that every leader should be aware of. A point that most of the time is misunderstood. I absolutely agree with Machiavelli when he based this chapter on the balance that should exist between qualities fear and love. Nevertheless, I do not believe that the accurate term to express this argument as fear; rather, I would call it respect. “ ..It is difficult to unite them in person” (Machiavelli 3), as an actual leader in my small communities and as a future leader in other societies, these are some of the primary ideals I will be focusing on in order to improve new skills that would let me balance trust and respect, confidence and tolerance. Some “princes” or leaders tend to misunderstand the concept of being loved or being cruel. However, I fully agree with the idea of having a balance between being loved and respected. A leader should be respected and “he must Endeavour only to avoid hatred,”( The Prince 4).
With the ideas of many philosophers I hold my views of leadership to be based on equality. Based in the fact that we, leaders, are leaders because society need us to fight for the dreams of a group of people that somehow cant reach their goals in life because the lack of knowledge, or simplest because society does not let them reach them. As I said I am a “people person”, and I consider my self to have pragmatics believes, although I understand that always there are intelligent ideas behind those thoughts. On the other hand, being in a world where discrimination of sex and or race today exists, sometimes being a leader in society is a challenge. Once, in the Declaration of Sentiments, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony declared that “all men and women are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”(Stanton 1) when they wrote it. In July 1848, they were looking forward to get equal rights, citizen’s rights, between all genders and races... Nowadays, we could apply it in terms of how leadership rights should also be in respect to each individual no matter their nationality or gender. Not only leaders, but also the members of a group should receive respect from their leaders as well. Let’s view into the following scenario; I am the president of the Model United Nations club at Rochester Institute of Technology. By default it would be an organization where students with different ethnicities and genders would be interested in joining. A principle that as a leader I will cultivate, is the respect to each individual, without thinking in the differences in gender, races or nationalities, and the fact that we all have the same privileges and we all need to be respect equally. When leaders respect the ideals and views of the members of the communities, when members all share the same privileges and somehow they feel they live in an environment where the freedom of expression is not only respected but also taken into consideration, when this members of a community feel that “Independence is happiness” (Susan B. Anthony), then goals could be achieved easier.

Now being in a different country and adapting my perspectives and views into a different culture have made me aware of my weaknesses, but at the same time, after four weeks in Prague, the same cultural changes have made me aware of how I should reinforce those weaknesses. As Masaryk said, “it may be a weakness, but I am shy. As I said before I don’t like speaking in public, and whenever I give a lecture or speech I have stage fright” (Masaryk 176). Normally it only happens to me in this new foreign environment where I still do not feel totally comfortable. It may be because of the language barrier, but only because of that simple and vulnerable reason. However, I would always believe that all weaknesses have something behind them that make you stronger in some other area, and just as Masaryk said, “maybe in a more practical aspect rather than pragmatic is where my leadership style is better filled;” Talking about practical things, things that have to get done, that’s something else again.” (Masaryk 176).
Let me conclude by saying that just as many philosophers and leaders of our societies had achieved their goals as leaders and the goals of the people they represented, I will achieve my goals as leader; goals that follow the interest of the people who believe in me, my communities such as: my family and school; my social and multicultural groups that because of their trust and support, my work and ability of doing things right have gained the respect from each member of these communities I am a part of. I will conclude affirming that leaders would not exist without their passion of doing things right and without the fervor of passing to others their knowledge and ambitions of learning. This is my leadership style, this is how in the following years I would like to shape and refine my leadership skills.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Verano 2007

Detallando mi verano 2007.

No creo que exista una sola palabra para describir lo grandioso en muchos sentidos que este verano ha sido. en aspectos educativos, profesional y personales ha sido sin duda alguna uno de mis mejores veranos, en donde no solo he conocido nuevas personas sino que le he dado un nuevo sentido a mi personalidad, y de tantas veces que cai aprendi a disfrutar de la vida por lo que es y por los que le dan sentido y quiza por ello este verano se fortalecio de tantas cosas y me dio la oportunidad de reir como una loquita ante el dolor que alguna vez hubo en mi y hoy se ha convertido en sonrisas imparables.

Prague, Global Leadership Program 2007

En marzo de este año tuve la oportunidad y el privelegio de ser escogida para participar en el Global Leadership Program 2007 que tuvo lugar en Praga, Rep. Checa; un programa de verano para el cual se me fue otorgada una beca, una experiencia que sin duda alguna me dejo conocer no solo el viejo continente un poco mas, sino personas con muchas visiones y con los pies bien puestos sobre la tierra. 39 otros estudiantes de diferentes estados de los U.S. y de otros paises, como Mexico, Rep. Checa, Alemania, Ecuador, Venezuela y por supuesto Rep. Dominicana nos juntamos en Praga para tomar dos clases super dificiles ( I.R. / Global business y Filosofias de liderazgo) pero tambien para por todo un mes convivir y aprender de cada uno de nosotros.
El primer fin de semana de convivencia nos encerraron en un castillo; con muchas actividades para conocer a los demas miembros de el programa; ya despues hicimos servicio comunitario y luego ya nos toco tomar las clases y conocer los bares, las calles, y todo lo referente a Praga. fue de lo mejor en mi verano porque conoci personas maravillosas que caminaron conmigo por esas calles forjando sueños y soñando junto a mi. Aprendi muchisimo.

Chris de Jesus

La otra parte de mi verano, y la mas duradera, tiene nombre y apellido: Chris de Jesus. Me toco darme cuenta de que tenia alguien muy cerca quien podria ensañarme a amar y asegurar mis sentimientos; en mayo empeze a hablar con alguien que con el tiempo me fue abriendo su corazon y sin querer queriendo se ha ganado cada espacio de el mio. lo conozco desde el año pasado, y hasta ahora me di cuenta de que segura me siento junto a el; de cuan marvilloso es poder hablar y sentirse comodo con alguien. de cuan increible es soñar junto a alguien y que esos sueños sean acondicionados dia a dia por ese otro "tu" que sueña junto a ti.

Uno nunca sabe cuando el amor es el verdadero, pero si estoy segura que esto que tengo con mi pequeño karateca es lo real, lo que noche tras noche soñe, tal y como siempre lo pensaba, asi es el. me siento feliz sin importar que tan lejos este, me siento feliz porque amor es amor cuando al hacerlo siento su corazon palpitar con cada palabra, con cada caricia, con cada beso....
Es la mejor relacion que he tenido en mi vida, y es en la que hare todo solo por mantener esa sonrisa que llena mis dias a mi lado, y hare todo por mantenerlo sonriendo cada segundo de nuestros dias.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Love you Chris

Here I am, after a month in Prague learning not only about international business and philosophies of leaderships but also learning about my self, other culture, and learning about those figures in my life that are giving a new and fresh shape to my days and that make me smile not matter the distance, not matter the time. A month in Prague that definitely taught me a lot. Lots about a culture that once breathed communism and today is a on its streets i could feel freedom and happiness. a whole month, that somehow, one more time, opened my eyes and reminded me that for first time in my life, for a very first time I have a reason to smile, a reason that is right here next to me; it is the reason of my happiness, and for first time in my life I could say, and I repeat every second to my self, I am willing to do my best to keep that reason of happiness right there, I dont pretend to let it go.

Right now I feel my heart beating so fast, and I try to find an answer of why it is beating as fast as it does, but not even in my deep inside I can find an answer. Maybe cause I have him so next to me right now, maybe thats why.

But in simple words let me just say that this reason is the best excuse of happiness i ever had, I am in love, totally and crazy in love and maybe is the first time Im truly in love. Im in love because Im sure he is the one I want to spend the rest of my days with. Im in love because when I look into his eyes I see my self on them. Im in love because when he say his nice and honest thoughts I just smile and I wish i could freeze that moment. Im so in love because I can smile all the time, and if I cry is just because how amazing this love is. Im in love because when he makes love to me, I feel Im flying and there is nothing more important than flying with his wings. Im so in love, that still cant believe I have such person in my life. I still cant believe, that me, after all could find love and a person who really knows how the meaning of that word.

I had never love this way before, and nobody had said or done all he had done in not even two months yet. simple details such as texting me, picking me up from the airport, cooking for me, telling me how much he loves me, showing me for first time how making love is, doing his best to meet my parents, looking for a job closer to me....I dont know what I did to deserve all this, the real deal, a real man with his own visions of life, and willing to complementing my perspectives wit mine...